Xiaohong Liu

Xiaohong Liu

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About Me

Developed and submitted monthly business reports to the CEO’s office and presented weekly data analyses to the leadership

teams by monitoring key metrics and identifying opportunities through extracting and processing large data sets using SQL
●  Translated business into actionable strategies by forecasting and setting KPIs’ goals, evaluating business performance against

goals, defining 30+ metrics, and turning 10+ KPIs into strategies
●  Constructed roadmaps and identified hidden patterns by completing 10+ projects. One of the projects resulted in an increase in

the number of customers by 15% and retention rate by 3.5% through creating logistics regression models and A/B test
●  Collaborated with cross-functional teams to generate intelligent solutions to empower partners, e.g. leading core data product

construction used by all managers, developing data products by SQL and BI tools for operation teams
●  Trained data analysts and product managers (e.g. trained Alibaba Cloud analysts) with analytics methods, SQL, Python, and R

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